NozAid® is Your Solution for Dry Air, Dry Nose & Nosebleeds

It’s that time of the year again. You know the drill. It starts off with a chill, falling leaves, and DRYNESS. In fact, the air becomes so dry, it’s unbearable to breathe. By late November you have a dry, crusty nose from these extreme conditions. Before you know it, you’ll be getting those winter, bloody nose blues. Dry sinuses (or dry nasal passages to be anatomically correct) oftentimes lead to dry nose bleeding, dry blood in nose, and that is the LAST thing you want to worry about when you’re getting into the holiday spirit with your loved ones. How can you be expected to go skiing/snowboarding, enjoy hot chocolate by the fire or even sleep when your nose is dry, painful and bleeding? Even though these symptoms may be seasonal, those few months can feel like forever if your spontaneous, frequent nosebleeds are interfering with your life.

If you suffer from these symptoms, you are certainly not alone. Most products that claim to help keep dry nose bleeding at bay simply DON’T. Most people waste their time and money trying a few different products before giving up completely and accepting that dry sinuses and nosebleeds are their fate. What a terrible way to live! Hold on, finally there’s hope!

You deserve a product that gives you relief from dry nose bleeding ever occurring in the first place. And guess what? We have a new product that has recently hit the market that will do just this! Introducing NozAid®. This sesame oil nasal spray is the leading nasal moisturizer! NozAid® is pharmacist formulated and it’s recommended ingredient has been clinically proven to relieve dry nose, nasal crustiness, and nasal stuffiness SIGNIFICANTLY better than saline nasal spray. NozAid® fights common dry nose culprits like low humid climates such as in airplanes, indoor heat, and harsh, dry weather. Plus, it is safe to use as frequently as you wish!

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