Do You Suffer from Dry Nose?

If you suffer from dry nose, you’re certainly NOT alone. In fact, millions of people suffer from dry nose and it has been a problem affecting the human race for centuries.  There are many causes of dry nose.  Some causes are environmental, some natural, some a result of medication and disease states, and some are a consequence of the modern world we live in:

Environmental Causes of Dry Nose

Air travel, air conditioning, indoor heat, and low humidity environments all result in dry air that we ultimately inhale.  This dry air can quickly dry out our nasal mucous membranes.

Natural Causes of Dry Nose

Aging naturally results in the dehydration of mucous membranes in the body including the ones inside of our noses.  Common colds can be attributed to dry nose, the irritation that colds create cause a dry nose, and the medications used to treat colds cause dry nose.  It’s a vicious cycle.  Natural mucus that dries up from having a dry nose result in painful nasal crusts and nasal stuffiness.

Medications and Disease States that Cause Dry Nose

Anti-allergy and cold medications such as antihistamines and steroid nasal sprays are major dry nose culprits.  Saline nasal spray, saline nasal gel, and most nasal sprays in general that contain preservatives also frequently result in dry nose.  Anti-anxiety medications, antidepressants, and other psych meds may also cause dry nose.  The list goes on.  As far as disease states, Sjogren’s syndrome is a major dry nose culprit, sleep apnea and the associated CPAP machine dries out the nose, oxygen therapy commonly results in dry nose, and cancer victims that have undergone irradiation on the head and neck region unfortunately are sometimes left with dry nose.  Trauma to the nasal passages is another underlying cause of dry nose.

Dry nose remedy

Having a dry nose is a completely unpleasant experience.  Fortunately, the best dry nose remedy is available at your fingertips.  NozAid, the leading nasal moisturizer is available directly on and  There are other nasal sprays available like saline nasal spray, however, as mentioned above, saline nasal spray can actually worsen your existing dry nose due to the irritating and toxic preservatives as well as the salt it contains.  Saline nasal spray also commonly results in a painful burning sensation. On the other hand, NozAid instantly relieves your dry nose, does not contain toxic, irritating preservatives, and has a formula that lasts long.

NozAid reinforces your nose’s natural mucous membrane which protects you from pollution, irritants, viruses, and bacteria before they reach your lungs.  NozAid lubricates your nasal passages while cleansing existing nasal crusts.  In addition, NozAid is natural, safe to use as often as you’d like, fragrance free, and non-addicting.

Why you should use NozAid

  • NozAid contains a natural formula that has success stories for its effectiveness in relieving dry nose, nasal crusts, and nasal stuffiness
  • It’s formula enhances your noses protective barrier against viruses, bacteria, and irritants
  • It is Long Lasting (unlike saline nasal spray which evaporate quickly)
  • NozAid is scent free, preservative free, and non-addicting
  • It is safe for the nasal passages
  • It is TSA compliant so you can breathe comfortably while you fly
  • NozAid is highly recommended by pharmacists and medical doctors

NozAid is the must have dry nose remedy.  It keeps the moisture balanced in your nose so the little cilia that sweep the nasal passages maintain their function.  If your nose dries out, they can’t sweep and the bad particles can cause stuffy nose and colds. Maintain the homeostasis of your nasal passages. Naturally.  Get NozAid at or