Meet Dr. Emily McPherson

July 25, 2018

Meet Dr. Emily McPherson

NozAid was created by our trusted pharmacist, Dr. Emily McPherson. She is a leading expert in the dry nasal passages / dry nose field and has helped a tremendous amount of sufferers find relief when she brought NozAid to market.

Her career in pharmacy began in Malibu, California at a local pharmacy. There, it became apparent how many of her patients suffered from painful, dry noses and sinuses usually due to allergies, colds, or breathing dry, recycled airplane air. The only thing on the market at that time was saline spray (petroleum has never been safe for the inside of your nose!) which quickly evaporated and often caused burning and worsening of dryness over time.

Later in her career, Dr. Emily McPherson specialized in Fertility Medicine in Los Angeles, CA. In this field it is especially imperative that medications are avoided or verified for safety due to pregnancy status. It is best to avoid drug use while pregnant or breastfeeding so it is common for healthcare professionals to recommend natural, drug-free remedies as an alternative. This became a practice Dr. Emily McPherson continues to promote. It was during this time in Los Angeles time that Dr. Emily McPherson was approached by a family friend who had been suffering from extreme dry nose and frequent nosebleeds. She made it her mission to find relief for this friend to improve their quality of life. After extensive research on dry nose, dry sinus, dry nasal passages, and using evidence based medicine, Dr. Emily McPherson discovered the power of pure sesame oil. Applying only the highest standards in manufacturing and using only the highest quality ingredients she created NozAid. 

NozAid has and continues to soothe even the most severely dry noses that oftentimes bleed. Frequent flyers can finally reinforce their delicate mucous membranes before flights to trap germs in the recycled air they breathe. Oxygen Therapy users finally have a long lasting nasal moisturizer that is safe to use in their nose. Pregnant women finally have a drug-free nasal spray to keep their nose moisturized. Allergy sufferers finally have a soothing spray to calm down their inflamed, dry nasal mucous membranes. Dry, hot summer months and dry, cold winter months have finally become more bearable now that NozAid is here to the rescue. 

Thank you, Dr. Emily McPherson for creating NozAid and helping all those sufferers find relief! 

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