What is NozAid?

NozAid is the leading nasal moisturizer. It soothes even the most severely dry nasal passages that result in nosebleeds. Finally, relief! NozAid lubricates your nasal passages, supporting your nose’s natural moisture barrier, leaving you feeling protected and comfortable.

NozAid relieves nasal dryness. Does it do anything else?

Yes! NozAid’s formula has been clinically proven to be better than nasal saline at relieving nasal dryness, stuffiness, and crustiness. It is non-habit forming and safe to use as often as you’d like, and unlike other nasal sprays, there is no rebound effect.

Ever catch a cold after a long flight? Viruses travel easily in the dry cabin air and quickly infect those with compromised mucus membrane barriers. NozAid provides lubrication to support your natural mucus membrane so these germs are trapped before they can get to you. Use NozAid before you fly to enhance your natural protective barrier.

Why is NozAid superior to other nasal sprays?

Scientific studies prove that NozAid’s formula is statistically significantly better than nasal saline at relieving dry nose, nasal stuffiness, and nasal crustiness. Nasal saline is water-based and thus evaporates quickly so you constantly have to spray your nose to keep it moisturized. Nobody has time for that! Alternatively, NozAid is oil based so it lasts a long time. Most people find 24 hour relief when they spray NozAid 1-3 times a day. Rest assured, (literally you can sleep through the night and not wake up with a dry nose when you use NozAid before bed) NozAid will provide you with long lasting nasal lubrication so you can enjoy breathing again. Ahhh.

NozAid is 100% sesame oil. Are there any hidden ingredients?

No! NozAid was designed with your nose in mind. NozAid is pure 100% pharmaceutical grade sesame oil. It is preservative free and fragrance free. Your nose is a delicate ecosystem. No need to add in filler ingredients. In fact, preservatives have been shown to cause dryness and fragrance can be irritating to irritated noses.

Should I use NozAid before flying?

Yes! Cabin air is extremely dry and full of germs. Dry nasal passages, dry air, and germs is a horrible combination and can easily result in a cold. NozAid lubricates your nasal passages, supporting your nose’s natural protective moisture barrier. Put your mind and nose at ease, use NozAid and enjoy your trip!

How do I use NozAid?

Prime pump until a stream appears. Spray 1-2 times in each nostril and gently massage your nose to evenly spread NozAid around your nasal passages. Repeat 3 times daily or as needed. NozAid is safe to use as often as you’d like. Clean nozzle after each use and replace cap. Store at room temperature. Discard 30 days after first use.

Can children and pregnant women safely use NozAid?

Yes! NozAid is 100% pharmaceutical grade sesame oil. As long as you don’t have an allergy to sesame seeds, oil or any derivative of sesame, you can safely use NozAid.

When will I experience the benefits of NozAid?

Typically, NozAid immediately soothes dry nasal passages and decreases stuffiness and crustiness. Suffer from frequent nosebleeds caused by dryness? NozAid will work over a few days to restore your natural moisture barrier so the dryness is no longer there to result in nosebleeds.

Is NozAid addicting?

No! NozAid is Drug Free and Non-Habit forming.

Who should not use NozAid?

Do Not use NozAid if you are allergic to sesame oil, sesame seeds, or any derivative of the sesame plant. If you are immunocompromised, have had recent surgery or have any concerns at all, please consult your doctor before using NozAid.

How many sprays are in NozAid?

Each spray produces 0.05mL of sesame oil. Each bottle holds 10mL of sesame oil. Therefore, each bottle produces 200 sprays of sesame oil.