Having a dry nose is irritating & painful.  It results in many discomforts such as itching and burning sensations as well as nosebleeds. There are a few remedies on the market that claim to get rid of dry nose discomfort, but the one that works the best, squirts directly into the nostrils, and results in long lasting lubrication of the nasal passages is the nasal moisturizer, NozAid. The clinically tested formula of NozAid moisturizes your nose and makes you feel comfortable and protected for a much longer time than saline sprays. Healthcare professionals have declared it to be completely safe and effective for relieving you from dry nose symptoms like a dry crusty nose, stuffiness and other dryness symptoms in the nose.  Furthermore, NozAid is free from all sorts of artificial scents and preservatives, supporting the natural ecosystem of your delicate nose.

Dry noses are prone to infections and if you have compromised mucus membranes (which all people suffering from a dry nose do) then you may be suffering from frequent colds. NozAid enhances your natural mucus protective barrier, which means that bacteria and viruses get trapped before they can get into your system. NozAid is not one of those moisturizers that evaporates once it is released from its container. It is one of the best dry nasal passages remedy. This is because it is manufactured from 100% pharmaceutical grade sesame oil rather than just salt and water.

Air travel is very uncomfortable when you have a cold or dry nostrils because during a flight your mucus membranes dry out due to a lack of humidity in the cabin air. This environment can cause a dry nose and will irritate your existing dry nose even further.  Using NozAid before you fly will help you feel comfortable and reduce the irritation of a dry stuffy nose. NozAid is TSA compliant and very easy to store and use. Just spray it 1-2 times into each nostril and then gently massage the surface of your nose to spread it evenly in your nasal passages. NozAid is safe to use as often as you’d like.

NozAid is available at www.Amazon.com and www.NozAid.com. It is safe for everyone who doesn’t have an allergy to sesame seeds or sesame seed oil, including children.

Bonus tip: While NozAid will take care of your dry nose, keep yourself hydrated by drinking plenty of water. The more you stay hydrated, the less dryness will occur in your nose.